Note: Cal Deal owns and operates The Graphic Witness Inc. This exercise in self-promotion is done in remembrance of a former boss, who long ago warned, "If you don't sell yourself, nobody will." This is a "lite" version of his resume; a more straightforward resume can be found here. Photo: A sampling of front pages created by Deal at five newspapers

Cal Deal has been distilling information for the general public since he became a teen-aged reporter for a small weekly newspaper in his home state of New Jersey. He was perfect for the job: no experience, too young to drive, couldn't type, worked cheap.

In the years since, Deal has worked at the New York Daily News, where he was deputy news editor of what was then the largest metropolitan newspaper in the United States. He was graphics director of The Miami News for seven years. He held news department supervisory positions at The Fort Lauderdale News & Sun-Sentinel, The Miami Herald, The Boca News, and The Herald-News (NJ). He also did a stint at a supermarket tabloid and ran a newspaper for the Air Force. At most of these papers he had front-page responsibilities, at least from time to time.

In 1996 Deal taught himself how to code web pages and created an extensive Internet site for the Northeast Fort Lauderdale community.

In the early part of his career he worked as a reporter and doubled as a photographer at several papers, including The State in South Carolina and The Herald-News. He won a number of reporting and spot news photography awards.

His newsroom roles have included:

  • News editor (story picker)
  • Reporter (story writer)
  • Graphics director (story explainer)
  • Features editor (story softener)
  • Photo editor (story illustrator)
  • Wire editor (story sifter)
  • Assignment editor (story chooser)
  • Page designer (story packager)
  • Slot man (story editor)
  • City desk supervisor (story assigner)

Deal is a past president of Citizens' Crime Alert of Fort Lauderdale, Inc. and has served as president of the Citizens Police Academy Alumni Association, chairman of the Crime Committee of the Council of Fort Lauderdale Civic Associations, and as a member of the Fort Lauderdale Police Department's Community Policing Initiative Steering Committee.

He was a delegate to Fort Lauderdale's American Assembly in 1995, and was a director of the Northeast Homeowners' Association. He served as its newsletter editor for several years.

Deal has been resident of Fort Lauderdale since 1978, when he moved here to take a job as an editor at the News & Sun-Sentinel.


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