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Graphic Designer/Layout Editor

Created front pages, special sections, informational graphics, feature packages, teases, photo layouts and news pages at the New York Daily News, The Miami News, The Miami Herald, the Fort Lauderdale News & Sun-Sentinel, The Boca News and The Herald-News (N.J.). Did extensive layout work for the national magazine Globe. Excel at distilling complex stories into clearly-presented graphics under deadline pressure. Enjoy using photos dramatically and designing layouts in which the art and display type work together. Familiar with various mechanical and engraving techniques used in the printing industry, including the four-color process.

As Graphics Director of The Miami News for seven years, created graphics and layouts for the newspaper's most important special projects and front-page displays; co-designed front page of Blue Streak and Express editions, creating a billboard style that was unique among broadsheet newspapers.

Books: Supervised design and production of three books published by The Miami News: "Miami: The Way We Were," "Hurricanes '86," and "Super: The 1984 Miami Dolphins." Edited photos and did layouts for 96-page football books.


Served as an editor, news editor, features editor, city desk supervisor, layout editor, assignment editor, wire editor, slot man, and copy editor. Handled Page 1A at five daily papers: the New York Daily News, then the largest metropolitan newspaper in the United States; The Miami News, The Fort Lauderdale News & Sun-Sentinel, The Boca News and The Herald-News (N.J.). Selected stories, determined story play, edited copy, wrote headlines, checked pages. Did extensive layout work on inside news pages. Edited graphics.

At The Herald-News, supervised a night operation of more than 40 persons, including the copy desk, reporters and photographers. Directed coverage of late-breaking news, emphasizing aggressive and thorough reporting. Controlled production of five regional editions. Improved news coverage, efficiency of the copy desk, quality control, layouts and photo-filing system. As a News Coordinator was assigned to paper's top-priority edition and coordinated a staff of six.

Work honored by Florida Press Club and Inland Daily Press Association. Former member, Society of Newspaper Design. Attended week-long Poynter Institute newspaper design seminar.

Computer Operator/Desktop Publisher

Exceptionally adept at using computers. Familiar with Macintosh, SII (Coyote and Dakota), Harris and Atex systems. Supervised daily newspaper's conversion to electronic editing. Created complex computer macros that automatically typed codes for type specs, borders, screens and subheads on Associated Press sports charts. Another macro automatically edited an entire TV book, eliminating hours of repetitive work. Devised alphanumeric filing system and revised electronic copy flow system to efficiently handle scores of Herald-News stories each night. Created dozens of reusable SII formats and coded hundreds of charts and graphics.

Self-taught Macintosh user since 1986. May have been the first in the country to produce a daily newspaper's front page on the Mac. Initiated electronic graphics sharing with sister Cox newspapers and proposed a graphics network for the chain. Familiar with numerous desktop publishing programs and support software, including QuarkXPress, Freehand, Photoshop, Microsoft Excel, Streamline, MacWrite Pro, MacDraw Pro, Norton Utilities, Microphone II, FileMaker Pro, Delrina FaxPro, DiskFit Pro, Netscape, QuicKeys, WordScan Plus & scores more!


Investigative: Major projects linked a detective to a Mafia boss, disclosed that a building inspector had approved jobs done by his own firm, exposed information linking a defendant to a triple murder, exposed the shenanigans of a four-term mayor and helped bring about his defeat, and revealed high school drug use to a disbelieving suburban community.

Writer/Reporter: Spent first 10 years in newspapers covering spot news stories and municipal beats, digging up investigative pieces and writing features. Received press association honors for newsfeature and feature work, best coverage of a single event, and reporting under an extended deadline. Two more awards honored a four-part series on the Rubin "Hurricane" Carter triple murder case [See "Hurricane" Carter: The Other Side of the Story]. Started reporting while in high school; kept at it until being appointed a supervising editor.


Shot news, features and sports as a reporter-with-a-camera for four newspapers. Worked as a photo editor, photo layout editor, photo assignment editor, dispatcher and lab man. Shot first assignment after an editor said, "We need a photographer tonight and you're it." First photography lesson: "Set this here. Set that there. Push this." Won first spot news photography prize that year. A series of "extraordinarily sensitive" photos helped raise $50,000 for a child who fell under a train and lost three limbs. One of those photos was nominated for a Pulitzer.

Video: First and only attempt at shooting news video wound up on NBC's "Nightly News" in 1984. It showed a beaming Princess Diana holding a bawling Prince Harry as they drove past a cheering crowd outside Buckingham Palace. It was the closing shot in a report on the baby's christening and was the only unofficial video of the Princess and child available that day.

Photo processor: Studied the technical aspects of photography full time for six months at the Air Force Technical Training Center in Denver. Worked in a combat-ready photo reconnaissance lab processing and printing huge rolls of film under extremely tight deadlines. Mastered Kodak's Versamat film processor and devised a troubleshooting procedure that was adopted Air Force-wide. Technical studies included photo optics, use of densitometers, chemistry control and clean room discipline.

Public Relations Supervisor

Handled inquiries from news organizations and the public and wrote press releases while a supervisor in an Air Force public relations office. Greatly increased quantity and quality of releases. Coordinated and beefed up hometown news program. Produced 15-minute radio program about the base's history using. Promoted to editor of base newspaper after five months; built it into one of the most honored in the Tactical Air Command. Named Non-Commissioned Officer of the Month from among 500 eligible people.



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