Variety and The Hollywood Reporter reject
this "Hurricane" ad from victims' families 

HOLLYWOOD -- The entertainment trade papers Daily Variety and The Hollywood Reporter have rejected an ad protesting Universal's "The Hurricane." The ad is from the families of the murder victims depicted in the film.

Rubin "Hurricane" Carter was twice convicted of those murders and was freed in 1985 after a federal judge found two procedural errors by the prosecution. The family members are convinced of Carter's guilt and are angry that the movie depicts him as an innocent victim of racism. They are hoping that the movie will not win an Oscar.

At 4 p.m. PT Monday (2/28), The Hollywood Reporter had not called with its decision regarding the ad, so the paper was contacted. The salesperson said she would get a decision right away. An answer was requested by the close of business. The salesperson never called back.

Daily Variety's rejection came after a week of delays.

Hollywood trade paper insiders said Universal has warned the papers not to place the ads, according to the agent representing the families. The trade papers receive hundreds of thousands of dollars a year in advertising revenue from the studio.

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