Prosecutors' Complete 218-Page Brief in Searchable PDF form

This brief was written in response to a federal judge's 1985 decision to free Rubin "Hurricane" Carter from prison after 19 years. It contains the Passaic County prosecutors' thoughts about why that was a really bad idea, and offers a detailed, well-organized rundown of the substantial case against Carter. It also contains a lot of statements critical of the judge's facts and assumptions. It is an excellent source of information for serious researchers of the Carter case.

The brief is in three parts -- all retyped to be nearly identical to the original, which was filed in March 1986. Each section contains the cover page and a table of contents hot-linked to the inside pages. These are PDF files and can be read with the free program Acrobat Reader.


1. INDEX: Includes Table of Contents, Table of Cases and Authorities, Statement of Subject Matter and Appellate Jurisdiction, Statement of Issues Presented for Review and indexes to various appendixes. 25 pages, 131K

2. STATEMENT OF THE CASE: An excellent report on the evidence against Carter and Artis. The report is preceded by a summary of the court proceedings. 116 pages, 1 MB.

3. LEGAL ARGUMENTS: This is the prosecutors' side of the story and it addresses the two issues cited by the judge in his decision to free Carter. 81 pages, 521K

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When the prosecutors tried to submit this 218-page brief, Judge Sarokin refused to accept it and told them to cut it down to 50 pages, which they did. The shorter version is also in this web site.

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