Top Woman Supporter Says Carter Beat Her

NEWARK, N.J., June 8, 1976 (UPI) -- A woman who was instrumental in the movement to win Rubin "Hurricane" Carter a new trial charged from her hospital bed Monday she was beaten by the former boxer at a Maryland Hotel. Carter said he story was "false." Read the clipping.
Followup: A Grand Jury issued no indictments in this "he said-she said" case.
SEE THE LAWSUIT Kelley filed against Carter over this incident on Sept. 16, 1976. Click here. (Case ended due to lack of prosecution.)
UPDATE 2/4/00:
Kelley talks to Newark Star-Ledger columnist Paul Mulshine about the beating incident & lots more. Read column.
Carter Bodyguard's Statement "Mrs. Kelley was semi-conscious and emitting sounds of pain and moaning" VIEW DOCUMENTS

Carter Brutally Attacked Woman, Prosecutor Says

Newark Star-Ledger:

The Violent Side
of Rubin Carter

Paul Mulshine's powerful article on Carolyn Kelley's beating and the violent nature of Rubin Carter, including a recent interview with Kelley. She was one of Carter's top black supporters until April of 1976, when Carter beat her in a motel room, Mulshine reports. After that, Carter's celebrity support disappeared. "If he could do that to me, a woman who was no threat to him, then he has erased in my mind any doubt that he could kill three or four innocent people," Kelley says. Another excellent job by the Star-Ledger columnist. Full story, 2/4/00

Saturday Evening Post interview:

If it bites me again, I'll kill it

News report:


Note: Carter's son has since been set free -- bailed out by a Carter emissary after this story hit the papers. This report is included because of what it reveals about Carter and his relationship -- if you can call it that -- with his family.

Startling 1964 interview:

Carter: "If you mess with me, I'm going to try to kill you"

Rubin Carter talks about shooting people in this amazing article, which appeared in one of America's most respected magazines, The Saturday Evening Post. Carter says the article ignited a campaign of police harassment against him, but see for yourself what the article reveals about Carter.

County Prosecutor:


A fascinating and disturbing 20-page rundown of Carter's juvenile, military, criminal and psychiatric records filed by the Prosecutor's Office in 1985. Complete text.

News reports:

Carter in Custody, 1964

Rubin Carter is led through Paterson Police headquarters after being arrested for assault on Oct. 24, 1964. The complaint was filed by the owner of the Kit-Kat bar. Although people say Carter could not have committed murder because he was such a famous, well-to-do boxer with so much to lose, this arrest occurred just two months before his big championship fight against Joey Giardello. That was just three months after another assault arrest and six months before a disorderly persons arrest.
See news story. -- Click for blowup.

April 26, 1965 (1 year before the murders):

"Boxer Faces Two New Charges in Paterson"

Disorderly conduct case
follows 2 assault cases

Read the Herald-News story
Paterson News version




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