Carter and Artis gave conflicting stories
about the night of the murders



Within hours of the triple murder, Rubin Carter and John Artis were interviewed separately by police and gave conflicting stories regarding their whereabouts. This is one of the main reasons Detective Lt. Vince DeSimone considered them suspects from Day One. These stories would later change dramatically to provide Carter and Artis with a shaky alibi. (In 1976, four of their alibi witnesses admitted lying at the 1967 trial. Their recantations were obtained by a black investigator, Prentiss Thompson, who was working for a black assemblyman, Eldridge Hawkins. The assemblyman was writing a report on the case for the governor of New Jersey.)

Here is what Carter and Artis told DeSimone when interviewed on the day of the murders:

9:00 PM

  •  At home
  • 9:35: Talks to friends on the corner of Bridge and River streets in Paterson.
  • CARTER drives around the corner. He calls to Carter and asks the fighter where he is going. CARTER says he is on his way to the Club La Petit. Artis joins him.

 10:00 PM

  • Leaves home about 10.
  • Drives to Nite Spot.
  • Drives to Club La Petit, speaks for 45 minutes to Nathan Sermond, his personal manager.
  • Arrives at Club La Petit with CARTER, who talks with his manager for 90 minutes.

11:00 PM

  • Goes to Nite Spot alone. (time approximate)
  • Talks to Eddie Rawls, whose stepfather was murdered earlier in the evening.
  • 11:30: Goes to the Nite Spot with CARTER.


  • JOHN ARTIS joins him.
  • Goes to Richie's Hideaway with ARTIS (time approximate)
  • Dances for 30-45 minutes; ARTIS stays ouside.
  • Leaves Richie's Hideaway with ARTIS and a police car pulls them over [This occurred at 2:40 a.m. according to police.)

1:00 AM

 2:00 AM

Triple Murder occurs at 2:30 a.m.
Carter and Artis are stopped by police
at 2:40 about 14 blocks from the crime scene.

 3:00 AM
   3:00: Leaves Nite Spot with CARTER.

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