The Murder Victims: June 17, 1966

This police crime scene photo of the Lafayette Grill triple murder scene shows the bodies of "Cedar Grove Bob" Nauyoks, left, and bartender Jim Oliver, right. Nauyoks had been shot in the back of the head with a .32 caliber handgun; Oliver's spinal cord was severed by a shotgun blast. Al Bello said he was going to the cash register for a dime to call police and grabbed some extra cash, some of which fell to the floor. Willie Marins, who was sitting at the bar talking to Nauyoks, was shot in the head and survived. Hazel Tanis, who was sitting at the end of the bar to the rear of where the photographer is standing, was shot five times by the gunmen as they left. She lived one month. That must have been Cedar Grove Bob's favorite seat, because that's where he's sitting in an earlier snapshot . Also see a snapshot of the bartender Oliver. ANOTHER PHOTO WILL BE POSTED SOON.



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