"So much for the cries of innocence"

Carter and Artis refused lie detector tests
that could have set them free

Carter's 1966 lie detector test report

News story (1975): Carter, Artis failed lie tests

The following is an excerpt from a letter mailed less than a month after Carter and Artis were convicted for the second time.


January 10, 1977

Honorable Brendan T. Byrne
Governor of New Jersey
State House Annex
Trenton, New Jersey 08625

Dear Brendan,


I also offered the defendants the opportunity of escaping trial and conviction if they were innocent. In separate letters to each of the defendants, well prior to the trial, I offered them lie detector tests. I advised them that I would engage nationally known experts to conduct the tests; that if either one passed the tests, I would move to dismiss the indictments as to that person; and if they did not pass the test, I would not insist that the tests be admitted into evidence.

Hence, the defendants had a "no lose" opportunity to escape prosecution. They both refused. So much for the cries of innocence."



Burrell Ives Humphreys
Passaic County Prosecutor

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