Rubin Carter's 1966 Lie Detector Test Report

"It is the opinion of this examiner ...
that the subject was involved in the crime"

Although the findings contained in this lie detector test report have been published [see 1975 news story], this is believed to be the first time the report itself has been seen publicly. The test was administered by Sgt. John McGuire, who worked for the Elizabeth Police Department. Polygraph tests are not admissible as evidence because they are imperfect indicators of guilt, so this test was simply a tool for use by investigators.

CARTER'S TEAM has been trying to discredit this document by simply calling it a phony, but to my knowledge they have never asked the prosecutor to release the results. In 1976 I asked Carter attorney Myron Beldock whether he would make such a request, but he would not say. In a December of 1975 prison interview, Carter claimed he had passed the test, but would not agree to have the results officially released. [Transcript.]


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