Carter & Artis Set Free on Bail

Muhammad Ali puts up $10,000 for Carter

IN THESE NEVER BEFORE PUBLISHED PHOTOS FROM MARCH 21, 1976: Muhammad Ali, Heavyweight Champion of the World; Ron Lipton, who got Ali to support Carter and who had been Carter's sparring partner; Carolyn Kelley, Carter's top organizer in New Jersey and the woman who, several months later, accused him of beating her; Fred Hogan, who got the key witnesses against Carter to recant and was later accused of misdeeds by the prosecutor; Herb Jaffee, pro-Carter reporter for the Newark Star-Ledger; John Artis, Carter's co-defendant. Carter and Artis were set free on bail to await their new trial, which began eight months later. -- Photos by Cal Deal

lipton10  lipton8 lipton6 lipton6a lipton7a
Muhammad Ali's limo arrives and is met by Ron Lipton (wearing black beret). On the other side of the car is Fred Hogan. Ali heads for the jail as Lipton (left foreground) rushes to join him. A short while later, Lipton leads Carter into the sunlight, followed by Ali, Carolyn Kelley and Herb Jaffee of the Star Ledger. Closeup from preceding photo. From left, Kelley, Jaffee (rear), Lipton, Carter, Ali. The mob scene at the bottom of the stairs as the group emerges with Carter.

lipton4 lipton3 lipton2 lipton5
Lipton, Kelley, Jaffee (behind Kelley), Carter and Ali in the crowd. Lipton, Carter and Ali make their way through the crowd. Closeup from previous shot. Ali and Lipton in the crowd.  Ali heads for his limo.

 John Artislipton12

Bystanders chase Ali's motorcade as it leaves Paterson for New York City.  

Fred Hogan leads John Artis to a waiting car.



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