Shooting survivor Willie Marins "knew it was them" but wouldn't say so publicly


In 1975 I was told by Betty Panagia, owner of the Lafayette Grill, that shooting survivor William Marins had privately identified Carter and Artis as the gunmen, but was unwilling to say so publicly. She said Willie's brother Jules had told her that in 1966. (Willie Marins, right, died in July 1973.) On September 19, 1975 -- roughly nine years after that conversation between Jules Marins and Panagia -- I contacted Marins and, to my surprise, he confirmed the story.

In the weeks after giving me this interview, Marins became very frightened and regretted going public. "I'm a sitting duck for anybody that wants to take a swipe at me," he said.

Willie Marins testified at Carter's first trial. He didn't say they were the gunmen, and he didn't say they weren't.

Below is a transcript typed shortly after the amazing interview with Jules. -- Cal Deal, 2/13/00 [Read 1975 news story about this interview.]

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