Murder Victim Hazel Tanis Was Trapped In This Corner Of The Bar

Hazel Tanis was located in this corner of the Lafayette Grill when the two gunmen opened fire on her from six to 10 feet away. When the killers entered the bar, the open door blocked their view of Tanis, who was sitting on a corner stool near the front window. The killers shot the bartender and Fred Nauyoks, then Willie Marins. They turned and headed for Mrs. Tanis, who was cowering in the corner. Without saying a word, they fired five .32 caliber slugs and one 12 gauge shotgun blast at her. One of the .32 slugs hit the wall (see arrow above the word "curtain"). The killers then walked out the front door, turned right, and walked around the corner, laughing and joking. That's where they ran into Al Bello. Although severely wounded, Tanis managed to crawl to the area by the front door. [Poor-quality photo of the corner]




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