"Miss Patty Valentine"

Photo Copyright by The Graphic Witness, Inc.

This is the first photograph ever to be made public of Patricia Graham Valentine, the star witness in both trials of Rubin "Hurricane" Carter. The picture was made several years before the murders and is being published here for the first time.

Valentine lived directly above the bar and was awakened by the sound of the shots. She looked out her bay window and saw the getaway car pull away. Within an hour of the murders, she was shown Carter's car and identified it as the same one she had seen from her window.

During the trials, Valentine was shielded from the press so no photographs could be made.

She made this picture available on Jan. 18, 2000, shortly after viewing the movie, "The Hurricane," in which she was played by actress Pippa Pearthree. At the sight of her on-screen character, Valentine and her party burst out laughing in the otherwise quiet theater.


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