1. Hazel Tanis was hit by four .32 slugs and a shotgun blast as she cowered in the corner of the bar. She survived until July 14, 1966. Mrs. Tanis was shot in the throat, stomach, intestine, spleen and left lung. Her arm was shattered by shotgun pellets. "Her stomach area was a mess, just a total mess," said her daughter Barbara. "She was all blown up. It was an ugly, horrible sight." [Obituary]

2. Willie Marins had been sitting at the bar talking with Bob Nauyoks. He turned to see a gun pointed directly at his face and remembered seeing smoke coming out of the nozzle. He had been shot in the head. The bullet entered his left temple and went through his eye cavity, blinding his left eye. It exited through the middle of his forehead. He passed out but later told a friend he had played dead. Marins died in 1973.

3. Fred "Cedar Grove Bob" Nauyoks never got his foot off the bar stool. A .32 slug was fired into his head and severed his brain stem, causing instantaneous death. His arm remained on the bar -- a cigarette burning between his fingers.

4. Jim Oliver, the bartender, apparently threw an empty beer bottle at the intruders and turned away from them. He was hit in the back with a blast from a 12 gauge shotgun, which severed his spinal cord, killing him. "The bartender was snapped in half by that shotgun charge," said Carl Matonak, a juror in the 1967 trial.

Note: This graphic was created without the benefit of crime scene photographs.


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