Dick Cavett introduces GW's Cal Deal as the owner
of a "trial graphics" business

In February of 2000, Graphic Witness owner Cal Deal appeared for an hour on a New York City radio program hosted by Dick Cavett.

Deal was invited on the show to discuss his role as a newspaper reporter in the Hurricane Carter triple murder case and why he believes Carter is guilty. The other side was represented by Lewis Steel, former attorney for Carter's co-defendant, John Artis.

Interestingly -- at least in the context of this lawsuit -- when Cavett introduced Deal, he referred to him as the owner of a "trial graphics" business in Florida. He did not ask "What are trial graphics?" He did not say "Isn't that a company in Miami?" He did not seem confused or mystified or at all perplexed by the phrase. He just said it and moved on.

Oddly, in a deposition given for this lawsuit, TrialGraphix CEO Steve Stolberg said the generic phrase "trial graphics" has no meaning.

Date of program: Feb. 23, 2000