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Trial graphics:
Concept to completion

There's nothing like a good graphic to help jurors see the light. But good graphics are hard to conceptualize, difficult to design, and a pain to pull together. Enter The Graphic Witness.

Armed only with your rough ideas, main arguments and supporting documents, The Graphic Witness will pull together concepts, put together roughs and work as your personal graphics consultant. No longer will you waste valuable time agonizing over how to get your point across. TOP

Lunch-break rush service

Imagine you're in a morning trial session. Suddenly you have an idea for a terrific, jury-grabbing graphic. What are you going to do?

Call The Graphic Witness (522-2828). If you have a sketch or other information, fax it over (523-8799). If it's humanly possible, that graphic will be designed, typeset, printed, mounted and delivered in time for the afternoon session. It may be black and white (color printing slows things down), but it'll be professionally done. The jury won't have a clue, and you won't have to groan because an idea that could help your case is going to waste.

This service is possible because The Graphic Witness is based just a few minutes walk from the Courthouse. It was inspired by an accountant who, as an expert witness, experienced "Morning Session Groan" once too often. He was so frustrated by the lack of a quick-turnaround graphics service that he set up his own computer graphics operation so he could do them himself.

No need to go to such extremes. Call The Graphic Witness. TOP

Overnight rush service

It's 7 p.m. You're in your office preparing for tomorrow's trial. You review your graphics and discover you have a Graphics Gap ... an important point that's missing from your graphics presentation. What do you do? Call The Graphic Witness (522-2828). Sure it's after hours, but The Graphic Witness has a can-do attitude. Your graphic should be ready in the morning. TOP

Evening, weekend
& holiday appointments

Lots of law offices have cars parked outside them on the weekends; trial preparation isn't a 9-to-5 job. The Graphic Witness will be more than happy to meet with you Saturday afternoon at 2, Sunday morning at 7, Wednesday night at 9 ... whenever it's convenient. Trial graphics preparation isn't a 9-to-5 job either. TOP


Short-notice appointments

This combines your "Gotta Have It" with The Graphic Witness' "Can Do." Call 522-2828. TOP


Thanks to that gadget-lover's dream, the cell phone, The Graphic Witness can usually be reached in the evenings, on weekends ... whenever the need arises. Don't wonder, just call 522-2828. TOP


Need a photograph of an accident scene, a building, a vehicle, a product? The Graphic Witness will shoot it for you. TOP

How to Remember
The Graphic Witness'
Phone Number


Note: All services are subject to availability on a first-come, first served basis.




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